Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How Companies Steal Your Data From Your Phone

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Have you looked up plane tickets to Bangalore or New York or Phuket, and bam, you get bombarded with pop-up ads for sunscreen, swimsuits, and affordable oceanside hotels? Or better yet, you talked about that new lotion with your friends and immediately got an exclusive discount for it online? How is it even possible and if there’s a way to stop it? If it sounds creepy to you, then think whether you have an app that keeps track of your jogging routes or, for example, tells you where the nearest gas station is. Did you carefully read all the terms and conditions it asked you to agree with as you installed it? Not really? Congratulations! You granted the app the right to trace their location and pass this information over to other companies!

Watch this video how you are actually being monitored by mobile apps.

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