Friday, December 21, 2018

Warning for WhatsApp Users - How to avoid Jail Term

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You may land in jail if you do these things on WhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp Group admins can be arrested for any irresponsible behaviour of other members
  2. Spreading fake news or rumours on sensitive topics to incite violence or rioting
  3. Promoting and indulging in any kind of body trade and prostitution on WhatsApp
  4. Sharing morphed photos of important personalities on WhatsApp
  5. Harassing women on WhatsApp
  6. Running a WhatsApp account using someone else’s name
  7. Sending hate messages related to any religion or place of worship with the intent of insulting
  8. Promoting and selling banned items and drugs via WhatsApp
  9. Voyeurism or sending video clips of people filmed illegally on WhatsApp
  10. Spreading pornographic content or obscene material on WhatsApp

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