Saturday, November 3, 2018

Deadly social media 'choking game' claims girl's life

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What is 'choking game'?

The dangerous 'choking game' involves a person deliberately depriving themselves of oxygen on their own or assisted by their friends until he or she faint...while being filmed on camera.

The game became popular again among Australian teens and according to the Daily Mail report, a teenage girl last week has lost her life while enacting the 'choking game'.

The first 'choking game' death was reported in 2011 when a schoolgirl died in Queensland. Again in 2016, another death was reported in Brisbane where the 'game' became quite popular in the schools.

Officials at the Queensland Health had to issue a warning yesterday about the serious consequences of this deadly craze.

Social education: Choking, considered it a game or not, is dangerous. Educate your children on why they should not even try such a dangerous stunt.

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