Monday, November 19, 2018

10 WhatsApp Tricks You Must Try

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1. Make Group calls: Go to 'Add participant' at the top right corner of your screen and enjoy group calls. It's that easy.

2. See who you communicated with most: Go to Settings > Data > Storage Usage. Here you will see a list of contacts and groups in ranking order and you will see who you've been messaging the most.

3. Disable that Blue ticks: Go to Account Settings and select Privacy Option. Disable the Read Receipts option. After doing this your friend will not be able to check whether you have actually read his or her message.

4. Mute Group chats: Go to ‘Group Info’ > Scroll down to ‘Mute chat’ option and mute notifications from the particular group for eight hours, one week or a year. It's good to have a break from WhatsApp groups sometimes.

5. WhatsApp Business: You can create Business Profile on WhatsApp. Just add your business description, email address, business address and your website.

6. Media Visibility: Go to 'contact info' option and then to ‘Media Visibility’. Tap ‘No’ if you want to hide downloaded media from a particular chat.

7. Dismiss as group Admin: If you are not happy with your Group Admin, you can officially dismiss him or her. Long press Admin from the 'Group info page' and the dismiss the said user from being the admin of that group.

8. Hide Your Profile Picture: Go to Account Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo and tap on the ‘Nobody’ option. Your profile picture will no longer be visible to your friends or contacts.

9. Share live location: Go to 'Attachment menu' and click Location option and share your live location for as many as 15 minutes, 2 hour or 8 hours.

10. Make WhatsApp Payments: You can now link your Bank account and pay/transper money easily through WhatsApp. WhatsApp support payments made through ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank among others.

Watch this video for more WhatsApp tricks.

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