Thursday, September 27, 2018

Scam or Real? and associate websites like, and others

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There are many websites which claim to give social media users as many as Rs 5 Crores earnings by simply referring friends and doing nothing else. You also 'earn more' if you share a refferal link via WhatsApp. Wonderful idea right? Yes, it is. But, do you really believe that's possible? 

A screenshot of the website
Sites like,, and their associate websites are all based on the same 'business plan' (given in blue colour below)

This plan is one its kind in which you can earn upto Rs.5,24,29,750 रुपये (Approx. Rs.5 Crores)just by promoting this marketing plan.Because this is Auto-Filling PlanIt means, people join in your network automatically whether you do any effort or not. Because your upline can join only 2 users in his direct and if he introduces or joins the 3rd person, then that 3rd person will join automatically in your Level 2. Similarly when 2 people join in your Level 2, then after those 2 users, more people will join in your next level only. This plan works in total 20 levels. In which Sponsor gets Rs.525 as Sponsoring Income and all the Uplines also get Level Income at Rs.25 per level upto 20 Levels up. You can sponsor as many people as you can and can get income @ Rs.525 per user. For complete details of the plan, please choose any language of your choice and click on that button or you may also call us at 88529-88729 if you need any more details.

In short, the people behind these websites are mainly two people (or one) referred to as Geet Gaurav alias Adarsh Juneja with the common email ID of:

This email is related/lined to all domains/websites given below. The listed domains are showing the mentioned email address in their whois records. We have listing since April, 2017. The questionable websites all having the same design/similar designs and 'business plan' are given below:
Some of the screenshots of the similar websites being promoted as money minting machines are given below.

CAUTION 1: Beware of such website where you have to give money to get money. 
CAUTION 2: By joing such websites, you are giving away your phone number and personal data like email and addresses. 
CAUTION 3: We are not saying that this Multi-Level Marketing 'business' websites is a totol scam, but it may not be worth your time and of course your money.
CAUTION 4: No one has claimed or showed the earning proof.
RATING: Not necessarily fake, but very Suspicious! 

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