Friday, September 7, 2018

Save your kids from Momo Challenge Game which is spreading via social media

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The latest social evil spreading like wildfire is a game called Momo Challenge. Many cases of children becoming victims have been reported across the world. So, let us put in simple words what Momo Challenge Game really is. It is a form of online cyberbullying game that spreads through social media and cellphones. Scroll down for more details.
Momo Challenge Game: A disturbing image pedalled by cyber bullies on WhatsApp and social media.

How are victims preyed upon?

Phone users are enticed to contact a Momo account via WhatsApp. Once the contact is made, victims receive graphic threats and are instructed to perform series of dangerous tasks, which ends with a suicide challenge.
The victim is threatened to make personal information public or inflict harm on family members unless a series of tasks is performed. The threats and subsequent communications are often accompanied by disturbing, scary or gory pictures.

Where did the game originate?

The game is said to have originated in Argentina.

Top search for Momo Challenge regions in India

According to India's Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry, the top five regions where the search comes from are:
  1. Sikkim,
  2. Nagaland,
  3. Mizoram,
  4. Meghalaya and
  5. Manipur.

What is the Indian government doing to check the menace?

Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry has issued a warning/alert to parents to keep track of their children's online activities especially on social media sites like Facebook and messaging app WhatsApp. 
"The game controller then entices players to perform a series of challenges. Players of the game are threatened with violent images, audios or videos if they do not follow instructions. Monitor online and social media activity of your children to ensure that they are not engaging in this (Momo) challenge. Keep your eyes open for unusually secretive behaviour, mostly related to their online activity,” the ministry advised parents.

What can you do from your side?

Install good parenting mobile app. You should also educate your child about such game by telling them that you should not trust unknown messages and that you are there to support them if needed. 


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