Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Part-1: Social media trends you must know

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September has been a busy month for social media users. We'll look at some of the top trending social media news you can use.

New Light on Your Kids

Social media may be better for your teen, says study

Social media may not be ruining your kid after all, although teens who struggle offline may struggle more online, according to a new survey of teens and technology released Monday.  The survey by Common Sense Media, an independent nonprofit organization focused on teens and technology, presents a nuanced picture about teens' thoughts and responses to social media — one that acknowledges the pros and cons, especially for the most vulnerable kids — but one that's still rosier than most parents envision. Read More

The Innovator 

HDFC Bank uses WhatsApp, e-mail to send 250 summons

Over 60 lakh cheque bounce cases are pending in the country and HDFC Bank has taken a lead by requesting the courts to use digital means to issue summons, says a bank official. The bank said that it has issued 250 summon via WhatsApp. Read More

Take Them Down

Social media have 1 hour to remove terror propaganda: EU bill

The European Union on Wednesday proposed steps to force social networks and websites to remove terrorist propaganda within an hour of receiving the order from authorities, or companies like Facebook and Twitter could face massive fines. Read More

Celeb Social Media Stalker

Jennifer Lawrence says she has a secret social media account. In InStyle interview, the actress has revealed that, after years of publicly eschewing social media, she is, in fact, on one of the main platforms. The downside: she refrains from actively contributing. ‘I’m on it. But I’m a voyeur: I watch, I don’t speak,’ the 28-year-old stated.


AIB trolls Apple in it's latest video and it is glorious

In its quintessential style, AIB has unleashed a supercut of what it thinks about Apple's 'Gather Around' event, it's iPhones and the new Apple Watch launch. As it hits the comic timing, it even hits the point home that will still buy an Apple product it even if we don't need it, even if we had to sell both of our kidneys for it. If you've had a tough day or not, this burst of text and visuals coming towards your retinas at breakneck speed is bound to have you in splits.

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