Monday, September 10, 2018

Indian man refuses to marry girl because 'too much time on WhatsApp'

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An Indian man has refused to marry a girl because she spends "too much time on WhatsApp". Reports said that a man from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh's Amroha locality made a silly excuse to demand a dowry from the girl's family.
A report by NDTV said that Qamar Haider refused to marry a woman, saying she "spent too much time on WhatsApp" - the Facebook-owned messaging app. On September 5, as the bride's family and friends waited to welcome the groom and his family for the wedding. Qamar did not show up and the bride's father sent his brother to Qamar's home to find out why the groom's family didn't turn up.

"They refused to marry my daughter alleging that she is not good as she spends too much time on WhatsApp. Later, when we pleaded, they agreed to the nikah but demanded a dowry of Rs. 65 lakh," Urooj Mehandi, the father of the bride, was quoted as saying.

According to an ANI report, the bride's father pleaded with Qamar and his relatives. But Qamar refused to budge. The bride's father finally filed a complaint at the local police station the same night. The police said a probe is underway and action will be taken.

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    1. lady should not use too much Whatsaap. What if she cheats using app?