Wednesday, September 19, 2018

20 illustrations that show how people are addicted to smartphones unknowingly

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Smartphone is one of the best technological inventions of our times. It plays a big role in our daily lives by being in our hands from morning to night. The blending of Internet and telephony have resulted in changing how we behave and think. While some use it wisely, many others get addicted to it without even realizing it. We collect some of the best cartoons on smartphone addiction.

1. Google Syndrome

2. Selfie time

3. Dead show

4. Eating up mankind

5. Virtual world

6. They way we date has changed

7. The brand addiction

8. Tan+phone

9. Even at weddings

10. Urge to be the 'social journalist'

11. At the tables

12. What are parks for?

13. Bigger and bigger problem

14. Sleepless mode

15. Blind mode

16. Talkative, but.

17. Like a New Year Pledge

18. Smartphone be like cigarettes

19. Dual camera, dual problem

20. Smartphone, but not so smart behaviour

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  1. Hahahhhhhhhhaa. I identify myself with number 1 and 10